Welcome to Flavortown Candle & Soap Co! Please bear with us while we build & update our site ;*

Everybody. Loves. Soap.

Sometimes all you need to bulk up your product portfolio is a line of soaps! We offer a range of soap bases from Shae to Glycerin, loads of different fragrances, additives like crushed oats, and a variety of natural dyes.

The soaps in the photo above are dyed with natural powders like charcoal, spinach, and apricot seed just to name a few.

Why Candles?

We got our start when we decided our mission was to recycle wine bottles into candle containers (as shown in the photo above) but have expanded our options to just about anything available on the market.

Your brand, your choice : We will work with you to find the container, wax, fragrance blend, and wax color to perfectly fit your aesthetic.


Having enough products on your ecommerce site is important to keep your customers coming back and to maintain a healthy bottom line.

Over the years we have found that adding even just one of our products to our clients range of offerings can increase their revenue anywhere from 3-10%.

Where We Started

Seriously Custom